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The objective at Education Through Engagement, LLC is to deliver quality consultation, advocacy and individualized educational planning and support to families and organizations through caring, humanistic, developmental and traditional methods.

Company history

Lisa Collins, MA founded Education Through Engagement, LLC in 2008.   A seasoned educator in public and private school settings, Lisa noticed the inequality of educational service to struggling learners.  She felt strong that individualized interventions must meet student's needs not the  needs of an educational system.


A lifelong learner, Lisa continues to seek out researched based and tested interventions that assist students in filling learning gaps. She has written and researched developmental programs in elementary, middle and high school.   She create  new pathways for struggling learners to meet their capacity.  For parents she provided guidance and support in their efforts to help their children.


Education Through Engagement, LLC was formed to freely assist parents and students to meet educational needs in the current climate of school cuts and academic and supportive services

Lisa Y. Collins brings complementary skills in education and child development.  Lisa  has twenty years of experience in special  and general education classrooms.  Lisa  also has worked in the field of social work, assisting children and families. She has an administrative credential, master’s degree in special education, a bachelor’s degree in psychology, Reading Certificate, Developmental Autism Certificate and is a credentialed teacher in both special and general education, kindergarten through high school.  She has taught children with, among other things, learning disabilities, physical disabilities, emotional disturbance, autism, and mental retardation, as well as children at risk in general education classes.

Lisa is available at The Center for Health and Performance located in Beaverton, Oregon.

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Customer testimonials

“I was so delighted this morning when Nathan varied his "getting ready for school" routine. all on his own and for no reasons that I could think of he took his shower before he had his breakfast. I know I don't have to tell you how usually he is very rigid about his schedule and his self imposed order of how things must go. I asked him what was up and he told me he was improvising. I told him I was proud. Thank you for all your hard work, its paying off!”
Yours truly,
Kate Kirkpatrick, Parent

“Lisa Johnson is the educator that everyone wants their child to have at least once in their lives. She is thoughtful, caring, innovative and extraordinary. Lisa goes the extra mile for every child she teaches. She changes children's live - children with special needs and typically developing teens.
I highly recommend Lisa Johnson for any work that involves children, parents, educator training, etc.” 

Elaine Hall, Miracle Project Director


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